RTS123 is dedicated to the objective exploration of industry standards and trends such as "functional training", "stretching" and "full range of motion" as well as examining and applying the ignored science of Exercise Mechanics... the real key to understanding the number one modality used in every form and type of exercise from Pilates to powerlifting, cardio to strength... resistance.

Part 1 = "Strategies, Precision, and the Functional Continuum®"

  • Becoming an expert is ALL in the details.
  • See why there's much more to exercise than just training motions.
  • Learn which "functional" exercises are not functional at all.
  • Learn why all types of exercise boil down to joints, resistance, and muscular response!

Part 2 = "Strategic Resistance™"

  • Every form of exercise is resistance exercise.
  • Learn why a 10 pound weight is not 10 pounds of resistance.
  • Experience how the numbers on the weight are no indication of the forces on your body.
  • Improve joint forces, optimize outcomes, and enhance the Exercise Experience.

Part 3 = "The Exercise Experience™"

  • The value of your training sessions is directly related to the experiences you provide.
  • Master the customization and strategic manipulation of all the factors that comprise the Exercise Experience™.
  • Explore the surprising myths and realities of kinetic chains, muscle imbalances, and stretching.
  • Master Strategic Variation® and hone the skills of teaching exercise to increase your value as a true Exercise Professional.

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