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Ultimately, it's not about the certification... it's about the EDUCATION!

From the RTS® certificate:

The Resistance Training Specialist®

A true Exercise Professional who has demonstrated a basic understanding of RTS® Principles and skills including Exercise Mechanics, Strategic Resistance™, Equipment Analysis, Continuum Training™ via the Functional Continuum® of Exercise, Strategic Variation®, Strategic Progression, MicroProgression®, InTension®, G.O.T.E., Structural-NeuroMuscular Opportunity, Exercise Specific AROM, Intention, and Control, as well as the influence of communication on the process of creating and implementing the completely customized Exercise Experience™.

An individual of integrity who will endeavor to apply these principles with undivided attention to the client throughout every fraction of every repetition and is committed to making decisions via an ever-evolving thought process based upon the current status, ability, goals, needs, and expectations of each individual; attempting to rise above the influence of his/her own personal exercise preferences, beliefs, and attachments.

The RTS is committed to life-long learning as well as personal and professional evolution; a detail and perspective oriented individual who examines issues through both the "zoom lens" and the "satellite view", and for whom "nothing is automatic", all is "re-viewed", and who recognizes that "it's what you learn after you know it all that counts"

Becoming a certified Resistance Training Specialist... RTS

Course attendance alone does not qualify one to use the titles RTS®, Resistance Training Specialist®, RTSM, or Mastery Level Resistance Training Specialist.

Testing is not mandatory, but is available for those who wish to earn the right to use the appropriate RTS title behind their names ("RTS" or "RTSM") or call themselves "Resistance Training Specialist".

For an individual it shows the world that you have not only exceeded the industry standards of competency, but are a true specialist and have demonstrated professional standards and excellence beyond the capacities of the vast majority of those currently considered to be "exercise experts".

For a club it is a way of assessing trainer competency while creating a unified language and thought process as well as a unique position within the market place.

RTS Certification (updated 1/1/2016)

RTS Certification requires:

  • Completion of the RTS Practical series.
  • Completion of the RTS123 exams:
    • There are 40 exams
    • Each exam represents a chapter of a syllabus and the associated course presentation.
    • The exams are $10 each with the first exam (1.01 Intro to RTS) being free of charge for a total of $390.
    • Questions are taken from the syllabi, the lecture, discussions, and practical presentations.
    • More specifics on the exam process can be found at the RTS Exam Store under the heading "Read Me First: Introduction to the RTS Online Examination Process"

Why are there 40 exams instead of one big one?
The benefit of individual chapter exams:

  • Shorter exam periods improve mental performance.
  • Initial study time can be focused on only the specific section/s you desire to take at any given time.
  • If you do not pass a specific section, you know exactly what area to review, and the retest price is limited to only that section. (Conversely, if you fail a $500 sixteen hour licensing exam in another industry, you typically have to take the entire thing again for the full price.)
  • Allows for more extensive questioning over each section making it more representative of the details over which the RTS should have command.

Go to: RTS Exams Store

RTS Certification Renewal / Maintenance (updated 12/1/2018)

Individuals may pass an exam and still not represent the ideals of the program that they supposedly understand and value... and which in turn lends them credibility. For this reason we have strict standards associated with remaining an RTS and we will not hesitate to revoke one's certification if he/she does not uphold the standards of practice set forth.

Because RTS and the related thought process are unique within the industry, RTS certification can only be maintained by completing at least one of the following every TWO years post certification:

  • Successfully complete (re-take) the RTS online examinations
    • $390 if passed on first attempt; plus updated syllabi if required $110 = $500
  • Attend one module of the RTS Practical course
    • $600 or $550 online plus travel as required
  • Attend one module of the RTS Mastery program
    • $975 plus travel if required
  • Attend the elective "Cueing, Doing, and Updates" (CDU)

Other programs, certifications, college classes, or conference attendance do not count as RTS continuing education because they typically do not further or continue an RTS education.

Renewal after two years (expired certification):

  • Successfully complete (re-take) the RTS online examinations
  • Attend the elective "Cueing, Doing, and Updates" (CDU)

RTSM Examinations and RTSM Certification (updated 1/1/2016)

  1. Basic RTS competency
    • The online exams must be successfully completed prior to scheduling the mastery exam.
    • The fees for these exams are not included in the mastery examination.


  1. If you are planning to sit for the RTSm exam all five RTSm Modules must be completed within two years.
  2. The RTSm exam must be taken with 12 months of completion of the final RTSm Module.

The Mastery Level RTS exam is a 5-7 hour one-on-one verbal presentation that includes:

  1. 1 hour presentation of Continuum Training® Principles and details (25%)
  2. 2-3 hour covering RTSM Science 1. (25%)
  3. 2-3 hour practical exam covering Science 2 and Exercise Practical (50%)
    1. Equipment analysis, structural analysis, related muscular influences, and resulting joint forces
    2. Exercise DELIVERY. I.e. "set up" and execution cues, as well as common structural issues, common "default cheating" concerns and the resulting potential alterations in set up/execution. The default cues presented in class must be presented.
    3. Demonstration of the performance of specific exercises.

RTS Mastery Exam Fee $699 ($100 non-fundable deposit to schedule and for each rescheduling)

  • Price includes printed diploma style certificate upon successful completion.
  • RTSm Plaque available for $190

RTSM Certification Renewal / Maintenance (updated 1/1/2016)

Because a) RTSM and the related thought process are unique within the industry, b) updates occur frequently in all five mastery modules, and c) personally "living" the principles during one's own workouts is an absolute must...

RTS Mastery Level certification can only be maintained by attending "Cueing, Doing, and Updates" (CDU) once every two years or by altering any of the five Mastery Courses/Modules with CDU (I.e. you may alternate CDU and a Mastery Module once every two years, but Mastery Modules alone will not be adequate due to their focus on detail, but limit in overall scope.)

Replacement of Certificates and Letters of Attendance

  • Letter of attendance replacement $20
  • Certificate replacement $50 (plus shipping)
  • RTSM plaque $190 (plus shipping)

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