RTS Electives

RTS Electives are presentations that extend beyond the time and/or geographical constraints associated with the RTS courses. These may include selected advanced studies, in-depth explorations of key topics, RTS preparatory studies, and/or RTSM adjunct presentations.

Electives are scheduled, coordinated, and administered by the respective instructor. These electives are offered and available to people outside of the RTS program and its students. Although RTS recommends and in some case requires the subject matter as part of various certification level requirements, RTS is not responsible for the venues, exact curriculum, or exact content.

Although most instructors have their own website whereupon enrollment can be made directly, we have attempted to simplify the process of enrollment in electives for the RTS student by making it available online through the RTS website. However, each elective remains the responsibility of the instructor. Elective registration fees go to the instructor/s.

1. Cueing, Doing, and Updates

Cueing, Doing, and Updates

This mastery elective was created for two reasons:

1) A one-stop shop for updates from all five mastery modules (Sci1, Sci2, Sp/Tr, LE, and UE) including the ever-evolving Continuum TrainingTM thought process and Client-Defined Assessment, Execution, and Progression TM

2) It has become apparent that the vast majority of RTS students, including both mastery students and mastery certified) have not personally explored their own Exercise Experiences anywhere near the degree encouraged and expected of a Resistance Training Specialist!

The actual performance of specific exercises must be continually enhanced and explored personally.

Ultimately, and most importantly, one’s communication skills associated with teaching and cueing must continually evolve as a result of both personal experience and client response.

This course is designed not only to refresh and enhance both understanding and skills, but also as a measure of personal accountability!

This class is taught from a Mastery level but is open to all RTS123 and Mastery students.
This class is REQUIRED for Mastery Certification renewal. (If you have attended at least one CDU post Mastery certification you can attend any mastery module to fulfill subsequent CEC requirements)

Very Limited Enrollment:
Call ext 42 and speak with Jennifer to register.
Because the majority of time is true hands-on, enrollment is limited to a maximum of 6 and a minimum of 4.
-Class date is not guaranteed until 4 students register.
-Do NOT make flights arrangements until you are notified of class confirmation 4 weeks prior.
-Due to the minimum registration requirements there are no refunds or transfers for registration fees if you cancel or no show when there are only 4 registrants. This class is dependent upon you!

Price: $875

9:00-5:00 days 1 and 2
9:00-3:00 day 3
Time will be split into approximately 1/3 classroom updates and 2/3 exercise performance, teaching, and cueing hands-on.
Pick up at hotel will be the same as Mastery classes.
(See “RTSM > Location, Transportation, & Accommodation” for specifics)

Personally experiencing a spectrum of levels of challenge is the purpose of this course. Do not attend in a poorly conditioned, ill-prepared state unless there is no alternative. That said, any version of physical disability or inability will be utilized in class as an opportunity to explore that critical end of the spectrum of tolerance and ability with appropriate challenge and proper progression.

There are no presentations of this seminar scheduled for the near future. Please contact us if you're interested in having this event in your area or would like to be notified when it is next scheduled.

2. RTS 1 Prep

These seminars and workshops are designed to introduce you to RTS principles and thought processes. These presentations vary in length and depth of information as determined by a variety of local and logistical factors. Most international presentations that require translation are not coordinated or administered through RTS Headquarters.

This is designed as a precursor to RTS123 or RTSM courses. Canada and Mexico are currently the only sites for RTS123 courses outside of the US. Canadian courses can be viewed RTS123 schedule. Mexican RTS123 courses are only offered through Sport City locations.

Presenter: Mark Slavin, DC
If you have any questions about this seminar, please contact RTSglobal.edu@gmail.com

Presenter: TBALocation: Dubai, UAEDate: September 21st 2018

Presenter: TBALocation: Taipei, TaiwanDate: November 27th 2018

Presenter: TBALocation: Taipei, TaiwanDate: December 1st 2018

Presenter: TBALocation: Kaohsiung, TaiwanDate: December 6th 2018

Presenter: TBALocation: Taichung, TaiwanDate: December 10th 2018

3. Intro to RTS Principles

A two day introduction to the RTS principles that are key to client defined decision making
If you have any questions about this seminar, please contact RTSglobal.edu@gmail.com

Presenter: TBALocation: Auckland, New ZealandDate: October 6th 2018

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