RTS Practical

RTS Practical is six days, typically presented over three weekends and offered regionally.

  • CT:S/T = Continuum Training: Spine / Trunk
  • CT:LE = Continuum Training: Lower Extremity
  • CT:UE = Continuum Training: Upper Extremity
  • 2 days each
  • May be taken in any order (but the above is recommended)
  • Not required in order to attend RTSm (but highly recommended depending upon your background)

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Online Presentations Science & Perspective: Essentials for Decision Making

Dozens of lectures representing the chapters required for RTS examination that were previously part of RTS123 PowerPoint presentation will be available via DVD or the internet. Essential Science & Perspectives.

Availability projected for late 2014.


Mastery Level RTS is 20 days divided into five modules currently offered only in Oklahoma City, OK.

  • Sc1 = Science 1:
    Musculoskeletal Mechanics (Prereq. 1)
  • Sc2 = Science 2:
    Resistance Mechanics
  • S/T = Spine/Trunk
  • LE = Lower Extremity
  • UE = Upper Extremity

(3.5 days each)

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